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Be it a newly-installed roof or an aging roof system, commercial roof maintenance and repair or commercial roof inspection are critical considerations. When problems are found early, maintenance or repair can resolve issues with minimal disruption at lesser cost. We specialize in flat and low-slope maintenance and repairs and also offer emergency roof inspection and emergency roof repairs.

Flat Roof & Low-Slope Commercial Roof Repair

One of the key issues with commercial roof maintenance and repair is leaks. When you have one, you need a roof repair expert to quickly locate the source and then make repairs in a timely manner so your business operations and workforce are not interrupted. Our extensive knowledge of every type of Commercial Flat Roof and Low-slope Roof and considerable experience in constructing these roofs enables us to know where to look and then how to rectify the issue.

flat roof in need of repair

At Quality Roofing Services, we perform efficient and cost-effective repairs for the following commercial roof systems-including emergency repair services.

  • Single-Ply TPO

  • Single-Ply EPDM

  • Single-Ply PVC

  • Metal

  • Smooth BUR

  • Gravel BUR

What’s more, no other commercial roofing company in Connecticut has as much experience with Built Up Roof Repairs or Asphalt Roof Repairs as Quality Roofing Services.

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Flat Roof & Low-Slope Commercial Roof Inspection

Need to know the current condition of your roof? Besides the natural aging process, extreme UV, wind or hail damage, building settlement or poor construction can cause roof systems to fail. Quality Roofing Services will thoroughly assess your roof system to determine the extent of problems and make appropriate repair recommendations.

What’s more, regular or seasonal inspections can detect potential problems and keep your building safe. Quality Roofing Services can provide a complete roof inspection and provide a written report indicating what issues need to be addressed and when.

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Flat Roof & Low-Slope Commercial Roof Maintenance

flat roof patch repair

A new or restored commercial roofing system can be a considerable investment. Damage from UV exposure, wind, hail and – here in Connecticut – snow and ice – can dramatically reduce the lifespan of a new or restored roof. To protect this investment, we recommend developing a maintenance strategy and then being disciplined about executing that plan.

We can help you in identifying your maintenance needs specific to your roof and building and then providing resources to implement the roof maintenance plan. For example, after severe winter weather, we can inspect

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Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Services

Have you discovered a leak in your single-ply roof that is damaging expensive equipment or stopping a business-critical process? Is customer traffic in your building being impeded because of a post-storm leak in your metal roof? We can quickly diagnose the issue and restore the integrity and water-tightness of your commercial roof.

When it comest to commercial roof maintenance and repair, we have over 50 years of experience with every type of commercial roof and one of the largest crews of trained roofers in Connecticut. We will arrive on scene, quickly assess the issue and rectify the problem with minimal business interruption.

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Flat-Roof and Low-slope Roof Snow Removal

flat roof snow removal

When it comes to flat or low-sloped commercial roofs, heavy snow or large snow accumulations can compromise the structural integrity of a building and its roof. We can help you minimize the risk of building or roof damage, ice dams or a cave-in with timely and proper commercial roof snow removal.

Snow removal is an important part of proper roof maintenance so always call on professionals to do this work. Quality Roofing Services has appropriate equipment and the trained manpower needed to remove large quantities of snow quickly and safely. We know the precautions to take to ensure that your roof isn’t damaged in the snow removal process.

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