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Because of its unparalleled durability, design flexibility and relatively low total cost of ownership, Metal Roofing has become popular among commercial, industrial, and even small to mid-sized building owners. Be it aluminum, copper, steel or zinc, metal roofing delivers commercial-grade performance while enhancing the aesthetics of just about any structure. Contact us to discuss metal roof options for a building you own or manage.

What is a Commercial Metal Roof?

Generally steel or aluminum, Metal Roof systems are light-weight but incredibly strong and long-lasting and available in an array of colors, gauges, textures and styles.

Commercial Metal Roof Systems

While there are a variety of metal roof styles and types – the one we most often recommend and install is a coated steel standing seam roof. It delivers the highest quality, longevity and overall best value in metal roofing.

The heavy gauge commercial panels – which we produce either in our metal shop or on site – require little to no maintenance throughout their long life expectancy. As such, while a standing seam metal roof is typically a more expensive roof to install, the low maintenance, minimal repair and greater longevity are attractive to some property owners or managers.

Metal roof on Fairfield Fire building

Metal Roof Systems are generally categorized by metal type and roofing style. Some of the more common material types: stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, aluminum, copper and zinc. The most common commercial style is standing seam, although metal tiles, shingles and shakes, among other styles, are available.

Of note to Connecticut building owners, where ice and snow are concerns, is that metal roofs shed snow. When temperatures rise above freezing, heavy snow simply slides off, rather than weighing down the roof and threatening its structural integrity. For extreme cold, metal roofing is readily compatible with gutter heating cables .

Commercial Metal Roof Maintenance & Repairs

We have close to 50 years of experience troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining many different types of metal roof systems.

Standard commercial metal roofing maintenance includes regular inspections for panel and fastener movement distress, sealant or fastener gasket failures, damage from snow, ice or hail, surface coating failures or drain and gutter clogs.

Care must be taken when inspecting or maintaining metal roofs; foot traffic can cause scratches which may lead to corrosion and footsteps in the wrong areas can bend, dent or dish roof panels.

We repair or restore Firestone Metal Roofs, Englert Metal Roofs as well as other major manufacturers.

Metal Roof News

We have been recommending and installing commercial metal roofs for almost four decades. We share our knowledge of this roofing material – news, manufacturer’s updates, recent installations – in our blog.

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December 8, 2019

Metal Roofs and Solar Panel Compatibility

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December 8, 2019

Metal Continues to Emerge as Low-Slope Commercial Option

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November 26, 2019

Metal Roof Maintenance

Commercial Flat Metal or Commercial Low-Sloped Metal Roofs are aesthetically pleasing and they deliver unique benefits versus various types of membrane roofs, including lighter weights, longevity and ease of installation. However, they require a separate…

Our Metal Roof Partners

We have master-level partnerships with the key roofing material manufacturers who service commercial installations in North America. Whether it’s Firestone, Englert or another metal manufacturer, our team is fully trained, up-to-date and we offer the most comprehensive warranty levels for each manufacturer of product we specify and install.

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