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While most people associate PVC with modern plumbing, its durability and flexibility have made it a popular commercial membrane roof material for decades. PVC roofing exhibits excellent weathering characteristics and is highly resistant to harsh chemicals and industrial pollutants. What’s more, it’s an environmentally friendly material that is easy to maintain. Contact us to discuss PVC options for a building you own or manage.

What is a Commercial PVC Roof?

PVC roofing is heat-weldable thermoplastic membrane roof material known for durability, fire, water and wind resistance. It is especially resilient in environments with harsh chemical conditions.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC membrane roofing – also referred to as vinyl roofing – is composed of two primary elements: ethylene and chlorine. Additives like plasticizers give PVC membranes flexibility, durability and other attributes.

First utilized in Europe, its affordability and durability have made it a very popular flat and low-sloped membrane material for commercial applications here in the US. During roof construction, the PVC roof material is typically sandwiched around a layer of polyester reinforcement to give it support.

Even though PVC is weldable (enhancing its watertight attributes), it’s one of the only single-ply membranes that extinguishes itself once a heat source has been removed; it’s highly fire-resistant.

PVC Commercial Roof Maintenance & Repairs

PVC Drain Repair before PVC Drain Repair After

A key consideration for commercial PVC roof maintenance is keeping it clean: this extends the life of the roof, optimizes its reflectiveness – essential for energy efficiency, and inhibits algae growth. A clean surface also enables more thorough inspections.

Most of the PVC Flat Roof Repairs we do are on older PVC manufactured prior to the use of polyester scrim reinforcement. Typical issues are leaks caused by holes or punctures, failed seams, or caulking or flashing failures at penetrations such as vents, skylights or chimneys.

We repair or restore Carlisle PVC, Johns Manville PVC, GAF PVC, Versico PVC and other major manufacturers.

PVC Roof News

We have been recommending and installing commercial PVC roofs for almost four decades. We share our knowledge of this roofing material – news, manufacturer’s updates, recent installations – in our blog.

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Our PVC Roofing Material Partners

We have master-level partnerships with the key commercial roofing material manufacturers including Firestone Roofing and Carlisle SynTec. Our team is fully-trained, up-to-date and we are certified to offer the most comprehensive warranty levels for each manufacturer whose products we specify and install.

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Bridgeport, CT DOT

Working with Quality Roofing Services has been a pleasure on the DOT MOW project. They have been nothing but dependable, helpful and diligent working on a very difficult and fast-paced project. They are a critical component in this project and they have really played an important role in the success of this project.

Rome Santilli, Project Manager
LaRosa Building Group

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