Serving our Customers during the COVID-19 Crisis

As per Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s executive order 7H, construction companies such as Quality Roofing Services are deemed Essential Businesses and are allowed to operate during this uncertain and disconcerting Connecticut Covid 19timeframe.  While we are relieved to know that we can continue to provide our customers with essential commercial roofing services such as inspections, scheduled and necessary maintenance, emergency repairs as well as replacement membrane roofing services, we also know this comes with a responsibility to the community.

Therefore, it’s important that we make sure our customers, as well as the community at large, know we will operate during this period with the utmost concern for our employees, customers, and neighbors in mind. 

What does this mean?

First, while going about our professional duties, we will employ safe interaction practices as per the CDC. Our management team has reviewed the OSHA guidelines for operating a business during the Covid-19 outbreak and have trained all employees on operating safely in this new environment.

Second, when it comes to customer interactions and jobsite practices, we have adopted a “Covid-19 Hand’s Free” process from initial interaction to job completion. To protect both our employees and our customers, we will employ common-sense protocols such as employee fever monitoring, hand and sneeze/coughing sanitation practices as well as maintaining safe work distances between our workers and customers. You can learn more about these jobsite practices in guidance posted by The Builders Association.

Finally, we realize that many of our business acquaintances, friends and neighbors have been asked by Governor Lamont to remain at home during the foreseeable future. We here at Quality Roofing Services view our ability to work as both a privilege and a responsibility. We have emphasized this with each of our employees and have asked them – safely – to check with neighbors to determine if they can bring anything home to them while on the road back home from work. 

If you have any needs during this time, please let us know. We are certain we will all get through this together; in the meantime please take care of yourselves and do whatever is necessary for your health and well-being.

Danny, Deb, Tyler and the team at Quality Roofing Services

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