Trumbull CT EDPM Replacement

SURYS North America – Expansive EPDM Membrane Roof Repair and Replacement

Norwalk CT EPDM Replacement Roof

Trumbull, CT – EPDM Repair and Partial Replacement

20 Nutmeg Drive, Trumbull, CT is the North American headquarters of SURYS, a global manufacturing company that specializes in creating optical and digital security solutions.  This industrial complex, which was built in 1966, features a 55,000 square foot multi-level membrane roof that was in need of repair and partial replacement.

For this project, we removed a portion of the existing EPDM roof, made reparations to the roof deck and prepared the surface for installation. We first installed 5.2″ of Polyisocyanurate Thermal Insulation Board to achieve an R-30 insulation value – in keeping with state building code for a structure such as this. We then installed Firestone EPDM over the roof surface. This roof also presented numerous protrusions for vents, drainage and ducking as well as curbs for roof-mounted HVAC equipment.

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